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    New Chinese 3D Printer can Print Objects the Size of Cars in Full Color

    The Chinese are getting really good at this 3D printing thing. Last month we learned of the 3D printed houses that a company in China has printed out. Now they have something that might even be more impressive. It is a 3D printer that can print objects the size of a boat or small SUV, in full color, using a multitude of materials. It's priced in the $100,000's range, but it can use materials in many different forms, as long as the melting point is below 450 degrees. What do you think these printers could be used for?
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    So it's an additive-only version of the machine that Local Motors and ORNL have been using for several months... With a huge oil leak somewhere apparently. And a few hotplates under it for a heated bed. Definitely a shining example of Chinese ingenuity.

    Still, I don't doubt that it works!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feign View Post
    ... With a huge oil leak somewhere apparently...
    No dude... the hairspray didn't quite dry...

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    On topic: the Chinese don't exactly have a great record for building safe structures conventionally, not sure I trust a 3D printed one use Chinese technology. Would be interesting to see what kind of testing and quality control went into this.

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    This is a great way to do this, blogging.

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