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    Hey guys and gals. We are in the process of building production machines to ship out. As soon as we get them built pictures and video will be released. The beta program is still open but we have a projected in date in site. Eddie will let you guys know more soon.

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    Awesome. Will Next month be the month that these ship out?

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    Yes the first batch of machines are shipping out in June. But we are almost full for the machines that are shipping in June.

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    I can't wait to see a video of this beast in action

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    Hey guys and gals. We are about to close out the beta program. If you want more details please email us.
    Look on our Facebook page for videos and pics. But they are of the prototype and not the beta production model. We also have some print progress pictures up. We have been using Facebook as our blog. More professional videos and pictures will be coming in the near future.

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    Looking good. I'm really looking forward to seeing some reviews on your guys printer.

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    What's the URL for your FB page?

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    Let me see if I can get this right.

    The video that was posted last night makes the machine sound loud. It is not that loud. I will be uploading more videos soon.
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    I think you URL you want is:
    The one you gave is the mobile version.

    I just watched the video, and while you can't see a lot, it looks like the movements are very precise. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more about this printer.

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    Ah yes thank you.
    Should have more soon. I am out of town this week and we are in the process of filling beta orders. But I will upload better video soon.

    Yes the movements are very precise and to be honest that is our biggest challenge. It is very high resolution which means slow prints. We are going to experiment with different configurations during beta to speed up the prints.

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