Back up for sale, Glow forge is the Pro model with the 45 watt upgraded co2 laser tube, cooling system and optics for faster speeds and better cuts. I purchased this brand new and I would estimate it has just under one hour of use! It really is just like brand new. The only reason I'm selling is because I took delivery of two additional lasers a week after I accepted delivery of this one. As much as we love lasers, 4 is too many. It's an absolutely beautiful laser engraver and it is so easy to use. Just login to the Glowforge site and the camera system shows the laser bed. Add in your ProofGrade or other material and the QR code picked up by the camera allows the machine to instantly apply the focus height and power automatically. Then, click and drag your design onto the material and hit print. It's that simple! The camera also makes placing your image easy and fast with virtually no wasted material. The forums offer tons of engraving examples, designs, fast help and instant creativity! Ever tried one of the cheap China lasers? No frustration here with this USA made, USA supported laser engraving machine.

I'm including the following with the Glowforge Pro:

4 Medium ProofGrade maple plywood
6 Medium natural leather Proof grade
4 Medium maple hardwood proofgrade
4 Medium draft board ProofGrade
2 clear cast acrylic ProofGrade
1 walnunt veneer ProofGrade
1 maple veneer Proofgrade
50 fully anodized aluminum red cards (credit card sized)
50 fully anodized aluminum silver cards
Safety glasses
Exhaust tubing and clamps
Laser safety officer training manual via email
Instructions via email

This is over $300 in extras all included for free! I am Asking $4500 for this OBO, my loss is your gain. PM me