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    Lightbulb Solus 3D DLP/SLA for sale

    Included here is a very low use/low-hour Solus for sale with 2x build-plates and 2x resin vats PLUS an In-Focus IN8606HD projector. If this printer has 20 hours of printing on it, I'd be was simply never used for it's intended purpose (printing jewelry for casting)

    Hoping to get $2200 (for it all), these items are located in NE Maryland if anyone local is interested.

    I'll include domestic shipping at this price (UPS/Fed-Ex).

    * InFocus IN8606HD Projector - Lamp is like new (these sell for $1000 alone)
    * Solus Printer ($2399 without the projector)
    * 2 Build Platform ($125)
    * 2 Acrylic resin vats ($95 each)
    * all cables HDMI/USB/Serial/AC(US)
    * Extra Film (purchased from Solus) ($10/sheet)
    * 1kg b9-cherry Resin ($149)
    * Manual
    * Several 100ml Syringes
    * Resin Filter (Plastic with Stainless mesh)
    * Domestic Shipping (UPS or FexEx)

    Over $3500 if purchased new!

    $2200 including domestic shipping. Open to offers. Motivated as I have a lot of jewelry related equipment to move.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

    PM for more information.


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    is this still available

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