It is not difficult to find a custom card design studio at the moment. As technology evolves, the economy is in a very competitive stage.
But you know how to select the most reputable production facilities, quality assurance? The first 90% answer is "no". So please read the following information from us, you will have the answer and make the right decision.

Selective Quality Factors for Employee Quality Card Strap
Beautiful design, ensure when the wire for print out as designed
This is the first element of each card strap design base. When creating the brand with confidence as the customer found on the demo, of course, the reputation of the base increased.

The design team of the production facility must also ensure the workmanship to bring the most sophisticated and sophisticated products.

The card design factory own design

The strap shop should ensure the schedule of the requirements

When manufacturing requirements are tailored, all businesses need time to make production appointments and time to receive wire. Therefore, this factor is not only to retain the reputation of the factory, it also strongly influenced their business customers.

Beautiful card strap material, required

A lot of people claim that they get the wrong product compared to the original demo because of the poor quality of the strap. Therefore, you need to ask the workshop to make sure that the card is the correct one.

The price tag of the card factory must be competitive

Price is the next factor that anyone ordering is also interested. Therefore, the workshop will focus on the interests of customers will be moderate prices, competition in the market.
Address card factory guarantee quality

An Hoa Phat is the address of card strap manufacture which always bring the trust to customers for many years continuously. So if there is a need to produce custom-designed straps, we always update the fastest, ensure the schedule with quality and reasonable price.

The card design factory own design

Customer service process of

Receive orders from customers
Consulting customers to the right products with quality and cost
Design strap pattern
Sample production and submit guest browsing
Visitors will go into mass production
Delivery and payment

In every step of these processes, always ensure the progress and quality best. Moreover, our service is always to benefit the customer as the service criteria so extremely friendly, create feelings and trust for customers.
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