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    Making a decision based on unwelcome series of events. Could use some expert advice.

    I have a brand new kit FDM printer I built by a "great" company. It's been a catasrophy despite my brilliant assembly of it, not a single degree off on any axis. I've gone through all the steps you can, turns out it's just the hot-end causing the problems, and may be as simple as a thermistor swap.

    Rather than pay massive shipping to get/risk having the same outcome... are people ever interetested in IMMACULATE-condition but slightly malfunctioning gear in the 3D Printing community? It's something I'd sell at a discount, or is going back to the manufacturer despite the return shipping costs nearly costing my left kidney. I'm so disappointed in the purchase so far, it's been 3-4 months and I havent been able to print anything cause of all the lolligagging/1st RMA attempt the wrong piece was sent/etc.

    Based on experience I guess is what I'm trying to see if anyone else who's had a similar issue if they have any advice. PM me if you want

    Thanks guys!

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    The RepRap community would probably be willing to take a 'discounted' printer and spend the time to fix it. What kind of printer is it?

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    Actually, totally my bad. My incoming/outgoing mail server only works on my phone ternporarily + tiny forum fonts = I completely missed the section halfway down the main page RE: posting hardware for sale.

    I'll throw the Prusa i3 MK2S up there and see what feedback people give.

    Once again thanks for the advice!

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    Before you sell your printer.
    Don't give up yet!!!

    I assume you haven't contected Prusa directly because they are typically quite good at helping with these sort of things and for an issue like this, a faulty part, they will probably send you a new one with no out of pocket expense to you.

    I know shipping from Prague is pricey.

    If you can't get any help from Prusa (honestly they should at least work with you on this).
    Consider buying a new hotend or hotend thermistor, it's really an easy swap...

    What exactly is wrong?
    Is it the themistor in the hotend?

    If they refuse to send a new hotend...
    You can get an all new assembled hotend for like $64 on Amazon

    Or a kit from MatterHackers for $59

    And here is a video on how to assemble the whole thing.

    You may want to just try replacing the hotend's thermistor which is like $21.00 off MatterHackers

    It's a great printer, it really is!

    Once you have fixed all of that, take the thermistor wire for the heated bed out of the spiral wrap and loosely zip tie it to the outside of the spiral wrap. Otherwise the wire will eventually back up into the control box and pull the heated bed thermistor loose and this is a pain in the butt to put back. Taking the thermistor wire out of the spiral wrap fixes this...

    Other than that you have a great printer, it just needs some tweaking...

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    it's a kit printer - you're going to get the odd faulty part as they've not been properly tested.
    Don't give up :-)

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