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Thread: Qidi x-pro wifi

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    Qidi x-pro wifi

    Can anyone help with how to set up the WiFi on this printer?
    I followed the book twice, and no luck.
    I am running Windows 10 Pro. The X-Pro does not show up like a normal printer.

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    There is a video on the Memory stick that comes with the printer that shows how to do it.
    even following their directions, took me 8 tries to get it to register. Only once did it show up on the PC side.
    You MUST have the memory card in the printer.
    It transfers the file from your PC to the memory stick in the printer, it then gives you the option to print the file.
    Very finicky but it does work.

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    Good luck, I've been going back and forth with customer support for almost a month and still can't do it.

    Very unreliable, at times it will show all the networks in the neighborhood but not my router 6 feet away.
    The one time it did show up, I entered the password and got network error message and it never showed up again.

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