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    I did check the RPi3 spec sheet and the numbers are correct. As for the 25.62: the lighting over my work area was dimmed from a dead bulb and i could'nt see that the caliper wasn't properly lined up haha. My bad.

    I would like to thank everyone who has been helping me with this complete this project. I've learned quite a bit more than i thought i knew from my father. Biggest lesson i learned: dont FULLY trust SketchUp lol

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    I've learned a new feature in OpenSCAD, to make it easier to place items repetitively and perhaps recursively, although I'm not sure both of those terms apply. What's important is that it was easier.

    If my understanding of our exchange of dimensions is correct, the result should match your requirements.

    The zip file contains three items. One is lid.stl, a very simple rectangular solid, using the dimensions provided. The other is the enclosure mk3.stl file, including the standoffs placed appropriately. The last file is the OpenSCAD source file, with parametric code to allow you to easily adjust any dimensions as required. I did not include the solvespace diagram I used to clarify the dimensions as I felt it was superfluous in this case, as all the information in the solvespace file is included in the parameters of the OpenSCAD file. If you wish to have the solvespace file, let me know. I tend to never delete project files, even when complete, as some blocks of information can be useful later.

    Please let me know if this works for you, or if it doesn't, how you'd like to have it changed, or if you want to know where to change it in the OpenSCAD file to recreate it yourself.

    If I could put some real effort into studying the software, I would have possibly easily created this in Fusion 360, another great modeling program, but so much more powerful than anything else I've ever used.

    This was a fun project.
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    I've learned a new feature in OpenSCAD, to make it easier to place items repetitively
    Care to share ?

    Checks scad file.

    Ah the 'for' command. Yep that's extremely useful.

    That is one seriously complicated script for a box a and a few columns.

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    Using vectors in the loop was the new thing. I had been searching for list and it was the wrong word.

    Not so much complicated as brute force dumb, I think. I really like to use parameters when writing 3D models, as I almost always find that I need to adjust something and something else goes awry from the change, unless it's parametric. Even now, I cannot be sure that the x and y figures are not swapped, but I've not heard back from the OP.

    Our makerspace has a programmer who excels in Python and loves OpenSCAD. He writes code, without comments(!) that is completely obscure to me, even though he may try to explain it.

    I'm not a programmer and even though I had a class in Fortran many moons ago, it's a struggle to get fancy stuff working and I'll usually just fall back to brute force.

    I get the feeling that I could somehow make use of the children() feature, but lose comprehension for that bit of code almost immediately.

    It's all fun.

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