I ordered the FT-5 R2 and I think I immediately want to upgrade the hot-end. I would like to print high-temp materials such as nylon, and possibly polycarbonate. I've found the E3D-V6 is probably the most common option, but I wanted to get advice from the community.

1) Is the E3D-V6 a good option?

2) If so, I found there is a 24v version, and since the FT-5 R2 has a 24v power supply, I wondered if it would work? Or should I just stick with the 12v version?

3) Would you suggest another hot-end that I haven't stumbled across?

4) For the temperatures I'm guessing I might reach, I may need a thermocouple instead of the standard thermistor. Will I run into compatibility problems in this area?

5) Lastly, does the FT-5 use the Bowden add-on?

Note: I have working knowledge of basic electronic circuits - transistors/mosfets/etc - plus working knowledge of Arduino programming. So if relatively minor modifications are in order, I should be able to do it with minimal guidance.

Thanks in advance!