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    3D printed prosthetics research survey

    Hello everyone,

    I am in my second year of OT school at Midwestern University (Downers Grove, IL). My research team and I are conducting a research study regarding the current and future implications of 3D printed prosthetics in children with upper limb deficiencies. More specifically, we would like to know more about what the people who make 3D printed prosthetic devices think about the usefulness of them, and we would also like to get the perceptions of individuals who use a 3D printed prosthetic regarding what they like and dislike about their device. We have formulated a survey to help us answer some of these questions. The survey should take you no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete. If you have any experience with 3D printed prosthetics, please complete our survey and share it to anyone else who may be interested.


    Thank you

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    thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for the informative post

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    It's good to see the advancement of technology at this level. I've also got to know that after some time, 3d printers will also start printing the duplicate leather for the jackets like military sas jacket, but it is not confirmed yet. I'm eagerly waiting for this feature to be launch. Thus, if you'll get to know about this research then kindly give your expert views on it too.

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