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    Anycubic Kossel not powering on

    I recently received an Anycubic Kossel Mini, pulley version. I finished assembling it and plugged it in, but the LCD screen did not turn on, nor did the light on the mainboard turn on.

    When I first turned it on, I didn't realize that it was set to 220v, not the standard 110v in the U.S. I thought that maybe the fuse was blown, but after testing it I found that it was still good. I have confirmed that power is coming out of the PSU, because I was able to power a small lightbulb with it.

    I'm at a loss here as to why the printer will not start up- bad mainboard? Bad PSU? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Update: I used a multimeter to test the voltage output of the PSU's wires, and they are all coming back with over 12 volts of output. In addition, I double-checked the continuity of the fuse and everything is also good to go there. I would think this means that the PSU is all good, and there may be another issue somewhere within the mainboard.

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