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    Printrbot and Cura Connection Issue

    I have a Printrbot Metal Plus. The documentation says to use Cura V15.04.2 but the documentation is older and I'm not sure if it is relevant anymore. I recently got a new PC (windows 10 with USB 3.0) and a Ubis 13S hot end. I can no longer connect to Cura and it states
    "GetLastError The requested operation requires elevation" and then when I click "OK" it it just goes away with no resolution.

    I followed all the recommendations from Printrbot to get the connection back with no luck. I'm considering running the latest version of Cura but didn't know if Printrbot specifically needs V15.04.2.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    It doesn't specifically need that version, the latest one will do,you just might need to make/find a new configuration. Cura (all versions) just spit out gcode so if it can run a file from one cura, it can run a file from any cura (or slic3r, or kisslicer, or any slicer of your choice)

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