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    Flashforge Finder Owners: Earn some cash with your 3D printer

    Hello! I'm Aiyana Ward and I'm looking for Flashforge Finder owners to share their 3D printing experience in review. It takes just a few minutes of your time and we're offering generous compensation. Interested in earning some money for sharing your experience? Please message me for more details and thank you for your time!

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    Here is my review and it is free. It is awsome printer for the price, looks good and provides good prints. setup was really easy, the biggest problem was getting it out of the box. That was actually a bit problematic and the instructions are wrong. do not force the bed up to get the lower part of the packing away, but connect elecrisity and drive it up.

    The software works good too and and is simple to use.

    The only complain I have is the small internal fan that keeps terible noise while not printing. It is so iritatin that I will remove it and do a modification, loosing the variety, but just can not take the noise. The stepper motors are silent but the extruder cooling fan is also very noisy. For sure it is more than 50 db when printing.

    The printing area is only 14x14x14 cm, enough for me and it is PLA only, that is ok too, not so dangerous for health and important parts I will just make test prints and send them printed elsewhere.

    Overall I would say it is a good buy and holds up to any under 1000 euro printer on printquality and well designed construction and software.

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