New and eager into the 3D pritning world. Bought Da Vinci 1.0 pro 3 in 1 earlier in the week and I've been messing with it for a few days and I've finally discovered how to do ABS prints that stick,have no seperation, and are smooth for the most part. I have the XYZmaker software that came with the printer and i have a few hours on it but I cant seem to find how to make anything apart from basic shapes, numbers, letters, and modifying said shapes. I'd love to sit down and make my own design and I see a lot of inspiration on thingiverse. My question is what software is good for making completely original designs? What software are people using to make human like figures, animals, gun stocks, vases, etc? I may be missing something in XYZmaker but it doesn't seem possible in that software. The printer has a 3D scanner build in but it doesnt pick up anything that has details,pits,or holes... Thanks ahead of time, looking to learn