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    MP Maker Select V2 newbie

    First post from a Newbie. Have had my Maker Select for 3 days and it has been running almost 24/7 every since I put it together. Right now it is making the parts for the Z-brace mod found on Thingiverse. Guess like most new owners the first thing you realize is you get what you pay for. It will print out of the box but can be made much better and more reliable with some of the improvements found on the internet. Didn't take me long to understand why I went ahead and ordered the aluminum replacement for the Y-carriage plate. I printed the spring cups also found on Thingiverse, aluminum plate and cups sure made leveling the bed allot easier and more precise.

    Right now I have the version of Cura that came on the SD card running on an Windows XP computer. So far just printing stuff I found on the net using the SD card to transfer the G-code to the printer. Downloaded the latest version of Cura and it will not run on my XP computer. Figured I would need something I could run a 3D CAD program on plus whatever I ended up using to generate G code. I have an HP tower running Windows 7 62bit but it has an old 256mb dual monitor video card. Have a 1gig FirePro on the way which should give me the computer I will need to run whatever software I end up with.

    Hoping someone here has done the Z-axis brace and can answer a question. It looks like bottom (haven't printed the bottom parts yet) of the threaded rod is only held by the nylock nuts on the bottom of the bracket. Wondering what keeps the Z-axis from being able to tilt forward. The top brackets have nuts on both the top and bottom, would think with only a nut on one side of the bottom nothing is keeping the threaded rod from moving down in the bracket. What am I missing?

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    Figured it out, decided to use the brackets that had two nuts at the bottom. Still waiting for my metric screw order from Small Parts to install the braces.
    In the meantime I had an issue with my printer and can't say enough good about MonoPrice's customer support. You can really tell the quality of a company by how they do when something doesn't quite go as planned. I give them 5 stars for how well they handled my problem. Can't really say what the issue was or how it was resolved because it was an unusual failure with an unusual resolution.

    I take it all back, ran into a glitch with Monoprice support and now it's going down hill fast. Seems like they do not know the difference between a Power Supply and Power Cord even though you spell it out so any idiot can understand. If I wasn't so resourceful my less than 2 week old printer would be completely out of commission waiting for me to return it so they could ship me another printer. I have it up and running on a 12V 25A supply I had in my stuff. Thought this was resolved but it isn't.
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    This issue has been resolved to my satisfaction. Kudos to Monoprice for excellent support.

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