I just bought an Anet A6 3D printer.
I have to build it yet, but i will do that this weekend.

The printer comes with an MicroSD card with Cura and Repetier in Windows and Mac versions.
Since i am a Linux (OpenSuse Leap) user i can't use those versions on the MicroSD card.

So i downloaded the 64 bit AppImage 3.1.0. Linux version of Cura, but the Anet A6 printer is not listed in the program.
I added the Prusa I3 printer, which is similar to the Anet A6 but i would to add the exact settings for the Anet A6.
Can the settings be imported from a file or do i have to add all settings manually ?
Could someone please help getting the correct settings and help me adding them to Cura ?

Thanks :-)

Best regards,