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    Recommendations for a 3d printer for a beginner?

    Hi everyone,

    Hope this is the right forum, sorry if it isn't.

    I'm an electrical engineer and I want to build something which I can "stuff" electronics into - an electrical board, switches, screens, etc. I can't really say what it is, because I don't really know what it is myself yet.
    So my questions are:

    1. Is it possible to use 3d printers to create some model, put electrical components into, and then close it (say, with screws)? As far as I'm concerned, even a simple square model is okay.
    2. What 3d printer would you advise me to use for this purpose? I prefer to limit myself to a budget of $600 but if there is something that suits my needs and costs more (not that much more), feel free to mention it.

    Thank you!

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    You're talking about building some kind of enclosure box? Sure, that's a pretty common use of 3D printing, although there certainly are other ways of doing that which might be quicker, stronger, or more efficient (you can buy pre-made plastic enclosures in a wide variety of shapes and sizes). Yes, it's easy enough to print a model in parts which then can be screwed together. As to what machine to use, it depends on how big these things need to be, and what material is to be used. Cheap printers tend to have small part volumes; to get a larger machine, you'll generally have to spend more. And for some materials, you need a heated bed, and/or a heated chamber for good results.

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    Well, enclosure box was just an example, really (English is not my native language so I described it as a model box), but I might want to print other things.

    I understand that to get recommendations I need to give you more information, but what if I don't know it myself? I did do a little research about 3D printers but I can't really say which materials I'll need in the future. Isn't there some general printer that can give me a lot of choices?

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