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    Difficulty Printing Arimaa Game Set

    Hi! I'm a bit new to actually getting my hands dirty when it comes to both design and managing hardware.

    I've been trying to print a few game sets of the board game Arimaa (we're showing the AlphaGo documentary at a film festival and I figured this would make an illustrative activity for AI discussions) and I've probably had a 50% success rate. I'm using a modded Davinci XYZ (filament feeds directly as opposed to using their cartridges). This is the set I've been using:

    I'm perfectly willing to edit or modify the files, but I'm not really sure what to do. My question is basically this: Is there anything obviously bad or unwise about the items in the link above and could it be fixed? We would love to both have smoother pieces and items that came out better. I tried printing this but it was even worse.


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    Hmm, this is weird. Contact the developers for help. Most likely, this is a problem in factory settings. But I'm not sure about that. I also often faced a similar situation, so I just ordered such things. For example, my daughter recently had a birthday, and she ordered online baby shower ideas. We invited her friends, and they had fun with the baby shower. While the young people were having fun in the guest room, I called their parents to the kitchen to drink to my daughter's health. After the birthday, all the children remained joyful. By the way, many of them wanted a baby shower.

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