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    DIY - TL- Smoother, the end of "salomon skin effect"

    This board was designed to fit on the MicroDelta Rework printer with 4 pin molex connectors.
    I maded by hand and it worked
    Changing the connector it will work with other printers as well.

    Enjoy new quality prints.
    Special thanks to RuiRaptor @ youtube.

    more details on:

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    I know this is gonna sound stupid, but I can't be the only one who thinks microstepping artifacts are kind cool, right? Reminds me of wood grain, sort of.

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    so how does it work ?

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    Seems to be the same mod that I've been looking at but never got around doing: Also I don't have that problem described in the link...
    Apparently the mod makes the waveforms smoother, thus the individual steps or microsteps aren't so jagged? Kinda like interpolation maybe.

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