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    Natural PLA is made from corn and is generally considered safe to use with food.

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    actually so is abs.
    Pretty much the first things I ever desinged and printed were sausage stuffer tubes in abs.
    6 years later, still using them.
    That was in the frustrating months before I discovered that people lied about pla being brittle and weak.

    Like everything that's in contact with food - wash it properly after use and it's fine.

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    High Purity: PETG has low shrinkage rate, high transmittance, even print larger models perform well.

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    PLA is food safe but PLA is too soft for hot beverages. The plastic will slowly flow at the normal temperatures. On the other side, The FDA considers PETG to be safe for food contact. PETG is very durable and more flexible than PLA.

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