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    Another 3D Printed Gun - The Pepperbox Pistol

    Whelp! It appears that there is another design out for a 3D Printed gun. This time it's a 5 shooter pistol. It's still a work in progress, but judging from the video and images below it sure looks like something that could work decently. What are your thoughts?

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    Well its a old design, Used by Gamblers if i remember right.
    Well since it has internal Metal cylinders it wont explode i guess if the dimensions are right.
    But how are they being kept inside? In the video he just pots them from the top so isnt it able to just fall out? lets stand if you fire :P

    But this one isnt truely totaly 3D printed either, But i guess it will be better then the liberator in the mind of being reshootable and more then 1 bullet.

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