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    Under extrusion or layer separation

    I need some help with this one as I have tried multiple settings and cant get this one figured out. Attached is a phone where the layers "look" to be spearating in some spots. I cannot tell if this is from under extrusion or cooling or what. I have tried turning the temp up to 210C. I have tried turning the heat bed up to keep material warmer (70C) I have set the extrusion to 105% I have decreased the cooling fan speed to 80% The material is Craft PLA Filament with 195-215 recommended temp. I have not gone to 215 yet.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I do not have this issue with my Hatchbox PLA so it might just be the material but I cannot find this color material from another vendor.

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    what speed are you printing at ?
    Different make filaments behave quite differently.
    I'd say you need to print this slower - and the colour is white.
    How can you not find it anywhere else ?

    Oh yeah extrusion should be 100%, temp 210, speed - slower than you are currently using :-)

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    I am currently printing at 40mm/s I will try slowing it down and see what happens. The color may look white in the photo but its not, its actually light gray, I can find lots of regular gray from other manufacturers and found one that claims light gray but when I got it in it is not as "light" as this one.

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