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    Newb Questions with background in programming

    Newb in building 3D printer here.

    I completely understand that you may want to say "just google it." I know this, I have been doing this. The problem is I know nothing about what I am doing so I don't know what to google exactly.

    Now that THAT is out of the way....

    I joined a project that is working on building our own printer that we plan on taking to market and selling. I have no experience with 3D printing other than a solidworks class years ago which we printed out our design for our final. I was brought on with them knowing I have limited experience in 3D printing, they just needed someone to handle the programming of the printer (I am fairly proficient at programming), and they would handle everything else. I have worked with microcontrollers, PLCs, stepper motors, labview, etc.

    As I understand from the following link, the slicer program like simplify3d takes the model and generates gcode. After that, we have to take the gcode, get it on the microcontroller/board in the form of "embedded" software, then physically get the stepper motors/heaters/etc to follow the gcode. Please correct me if I am wrong.


    1. After as much research as I can with my knowledge, it looks like the RUMBA board is what we need. I read that this is open source so selling should be okay right?

    2. According to our last project meeting, I will be provided the gcode from the rest of the team and my responsibility rests in taking the gcode and getting the printer to follow it to print the model. What are some resources I could do that teaches me to go from gcode to the "embedded" software as described in the link provided above?

    I am sure I'll think of more questions later, but this is a start.

    Thank you in advance.

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    well you'd be much better off using one of the mks boards. That way all the existing firmware will just load up and it will already know what to do with the gcode.

    Unless you intend to write custom firmware for things like ups functionality, there's not actually that much programming involved.

    Though that does of course depend on what type of printer your group intends to make, and whether it'll just be a printer or have laser engraving and cnc functionality as well.

    But I think you'll find that others have been there before and already done the bulk of the work. And the vast majority is in the public domain :-)

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    I appreciate your comment greatly, this is really helping me narrow down my topic.

    Just to clarify, because it was really stressed on me that the code needs to be unique to avoid patent issues and such, if the code that comes with a board is public domain, it is okay to sell for our product?

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