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    Stringing problem printing gear teeth

    Printer: Creality CR-10
    Filament: PLA
    Slicer: Cura 2.7.0
    Experience level: Noob


    As you can see in the picture, I'm getting some major stringing between the teeth on this small herringbone gear. I'm fairly sure the problem is with the slicing, rather than the printer. The large gear that goes with it printed beautifully. I have combing mode set to "all", which I think should avoid moving straight over the space between teeth, but apparently it's not working.

    Any ideas on other settings to try?

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    Huh, changing the wall thickness from 1mm to .4mm seems to have fixed it, even though it's 100% infill. My best guess is that it was starting/ending each line at the tip of a tooth, and since it was making more than one line around the perimeter before filling in the interior, it could either spiral the lines or Z hop to a different tooth and start the next one there. Apparently it chose the latter, and my retraction/Z hop settings could use some more fiddling as well.

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