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    ANET a8 replace mainboard

    My mainboard appears to be toast. Will this work with the Anet A8 as a replacement?


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    I agree heavily with number40fan. If your board failed this is a time for an upgrade. All these boards are more or less the same for performance specs and handling. So the big difference in controllers becomes features supported. And as such we should all be chasing open source and touchscreen support. And mks fits that bill. Here are some suggestions to get you setup with an enclosure for a touchscreen without having to design anything yourself:
    And here is a link to a touchscreen and board with integrated drivers:
    Or you could get the board with removeable drivers for greater microstepping flexability:
    And here is a link to an ad for the touchscreen by itself:
    And there are cheaper prices and/or closer shipping if you search around. I have done and detailed conversions with both boards in this thread:

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    Fixed my old board, but will probably end upp changing it in the months to come anyways (dont trust the current one, at all).

    Thanks for the tips, they have been bookmarked!

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