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    Just3DPrint Loses Defamation Lawsuit Against

    3D printing startup Just3DPrint lost its defamation lawsuit against 3DR Holdings, parent company of, this month, the last of three legal battles that they filed in a Philadelphia court in February. The case was filed by Just3DPrint CEO Ryan Simms in response to our coverage of their unauthorized sale of copyrighted 3D models and their subsequent public comments on the matter. Simms claimed that several articles published on in February of 2016 were defamatory and cost the nascent company $100 million. Simms' claims were rejected by the court. The company also filed and lost a similar lawsuit against TechCrunch, and filed a case against Stratasys, who went to arbitration after declining to defend themselves. You can read more over at

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    Congratulations! Never let the threat of legal action (however unjustified) stop you from telling it like it is.

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    good stuff :-)

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    This was a long, drawn-out, and totally unnecessary process -- but our entire team is celebrating the judge's decision! Proper design attribution is critical as this industry grows and IP remains in focus, and obviously freedom of the press is an issue near and very dear to us as we share all the latest goings-on in a busy industry.

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    Recently, one of my friends also won a defamation suit in court. It is quite difficult to win, and it is difficult to find good lawyers who know the field. I know that his lawyer was from Minclaw - a defamation law firm specializing in such cases. Visit their site to find out more about what is defamation or contact them if you were a victim. These guys have done a very great job. Also, they answered all his questions and found the best solution for this case. This type of case is very complicated. That's why is better to hire good experts regarding this domain.
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    Never Heard of Just3DPrint in fact searched the Web an could not find them there either.

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