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    % humidity for filament????

    At what humidity does it start effecting the print quality of the filament?

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    well my workshop is usually between 45-55% and I've never had a problem.
    Other than that - no idea :-)

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    Any humidity affects the print. If you're used to the output in 40% humidity, and now you're printing in 50%, you'll probably notice; it's just that what you see as normal is what you get with your humidity. I see the exact same prints have noticeable differences if printed on a rainy day or a dry one.

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    Depends on the filament, ABS and PLA are fairly forgiving, but Nylon needs to be bone-dry.

    Humidity in my shop is often around 50%, which was "okay" for printing ABS. I installed a dry box anyway, which keeps my filament at 10% or lower. Results improved (cleaner print surface), but it wasn't dramatic.

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    This may make some folks cringe, but my filament is usually just stored in a open container or spare tool bag. I ahve never had any issues with humidity affecting my prints. *Knock on wood*

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