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    Question Flashforge Extruder Problem

    Hey guys, I'm having issues with my flashforge creator pro where it acts as if there's a jam and thus won't feed filament. It makes the typical clicking/thumping sound that we have all seen where there's a jam. The problem is this, there is no jam. If I reboot my machine immediately and do a filament load, the filament extrudes just fine. No clicking or anything. It seems to happen most on my right extruder but it's begin to happen with the left now more often.

    Anyway, the fact that rebooting the machine gets rid of the problem (and the fact that I've religiously cleaned and cleared the nozzles and teflon tubes) tells me that we've got a software/hardware issue happening. Would anyone have any suggestions?

    Some additional info:
    Printer odometer: 5304 meters
    Print entirely with ABS
    Recently replaced nozzles and teflon
    Recently cleaned feeder gear (although it's rarely very dirty)
    Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

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    Does it do this while printing or during loading? I know on a couple of mine that during filament loading the steppers move to fast and it can't push that much filament through the nozzle and after just a bit comes out it start to click a bit. Runs fine during normal operation though.

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    I'll definitely give that a shot. Thanks!

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    I am having a different extruder problem. While trying to tear down a plugged extruder, I have stripped the head of one of the 2.0 mm screws holding the turbo fan mount plate. It was so tight I couldn't get it out. Any suggestions?

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