I have a Geetech I3 Pro B and I'm looking for some guidance on upgrading my I3 Pro B Extruder to a Kysan 5.18:1 Planetary Geared Stepper Motor Nema17 (or similar). I've already changed out the system to a bowden feeder and hotend https://reprapchampion.com/products/3d- ... son-reprap

I would like to order some upgrade parts for my Geeetech i3 pro b. There are two specific problems I would like to address.

- Circles are printing out warped or oblong (attached)

- The filament feeder skips or clicks every few seconds while printing.

The warped circles are a new thing. There was a point in time that this happened in the pasted. But it was resolved when I tightened up the print bed rails on bottom of the machine. The filament feeder skipping has always been an issue even before I installed the bowden feeder. My settings doesn't seem to solve the issue. I'm printing with 1.75 PLA @210C at 35mm/s. Will a geared stepper solve this? What about the controller and updating the firmware if so?

One more item if you have the time. Why are my projects printing just slightly larger than my design? I've noticed that, as I'm printing parts for the machine, they are slightly larger and pieces like Linear Bearings do not fit without sanding the printed piece down. I am not scaling the image size.

Thank you for your time and attention.