Last year my daughter's tech ed teacher asked if I could come to his class and demonstrate the 3d printer I bought her for christmas ( xyz davinci modified to get rid of that proprietary filament non sense) and I was surprised that the school didn't have a 3d printer yet, the problem of course is the cost.

All of the kids were super excited about 3d printing but none of them can afford a printer, so I set out to try and build a printer by sourcing as many of the parts locally as I could find, making it simple enough that just about anyone can build it, and keep the costs as low as possible. The motors and electronics proved to be impossible to source locally but we're working on that.

after over 100 hours of printing this printer has proved to be very reliable and quite capable, and if nothing else I would hope that some one will see this and be inspired to make great things, or just have a little fun building something.

this project is a work in progress........

Thanks and have a great day