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    So you made a decision yet ?

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    Oh I was gonna get it later this month, but my friend (who works in BCIT and is an electrical engineer and own a few 3D printers as his hobby) got one and I went to check it out. Yeah..... the quality control is horrible and he pointed out all the safety hazards (14 AWG wire for a heated bed really?) on the wiring. So for the money, I rather get the HE 3D K200 like you recommended or the ANycubic kossel one.

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    the he3d is better than the kossel.
    4 wheel carriages versus 3, large build volume plus all the extra bits #40fan and I have already designed :-)

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    Alright you've convinced me, gonna buy the He3D K200, I've been looking through your thread too, so be ready for me to ask questions xD (the facebook group too) Glad that He3D also has a video tutorial out on youtube, so that'll make it easy. Going to order it from Aliexpress though, since according to their official Aliexpress page link here They can declare value lower to avoid high duties. I think the real only hard part for me will be the programming part, since I do want to try to put on a auto leveling later on (will start with manual leveling first).

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    Oh I have my Cr-10 and Monoprice that could print out the parts for it.

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    and get the heat bed - the mounting bolts make levelling the bed a purely mechanical process. Which is dead easy.
    mount the spare endstop. do an g28, g29 (g28 homes all axis. do that before the bed tough process). Then all you do is adjust the screws till all the readings are the same - or within a few 100ths of a mm. Do a z=0 from the control panel. job done.

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    Aardvark just a quick question, I am getting the He3D, but my friend is telling me the newest Anycubic Kossel Linear version is better than pulley version, what's the difference between the two (linear vs pulley)? And I believe IIRC linear is harder to make it higher to print higher? Thanks.

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    not a clue. Looking at the specs the kossel has larger build volume.
    Ah okay - still uses belt and pulleys, but instead of wheeled carriages, the carriages have cylindrical bearings and guide rods.
    So more complicated. And dependant on how good the bearings are. Given that they could pick up dirt and crud over time - something a wheel is less likely to do - I'd still go for the wheel I think.

    Given that Alexa has printed everything I've thrown at her, with precision and speed - I can't see there being any improvement. Just a different and easier system to build I guess.

    If you can get the anycubic for the same price as the he3d - then just for the build size I'd go for it. The rest of the design and build looks practically identical to the he3d. Though it does come with a print area cooling fan - so that's one thing you wouldn't have to make yourself.
    All the mods I've made for the he3d would still work for the kossel.

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    Ah okay. Thanks. I'm still going to buy the He3d K200. Just to learn more, than maybe the Kossel later as a sidekick to the He3D. Looking forward to it arriving!

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    Well, I ordered the He3D, then first got an Anycubic Kossel linear Plus in the mail, which super confused me xD. Turns out my mother found out about me doing 3d printing, so she got it for me as a gift. So now I have two delta printers :P. I need some desperate help though. I'm starting out with the Anycubic Linear Plus, and everything else is working very well but I just can't get the bed to be leveled. I just got the BLtouch today and am using Marlin 1.1.1 and it's getting there, but for some stupid reason I can't quite get the bed height, and the G33 command doesn't probe all the bed, like 70% missing the lower right of the circular bed. Should I post my configuration.h file here?

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