While 3D printed prosthetics are good at helping people complete simple tasks like holding a pen or opening a door, we've also seen some special 3D printed prostheses for use in activities like playing an instrument, running, or playing sports, like baseball. 7-year-old Hailey Dawson, who is missing the three middle fingers on her right hand, wants to show people that kids with handicaps like hers can still have great lives and enjoy normal activities. You may ask how exactly she plans to do this, and the answer is pretty interesting - by throwing out the ceremonial first pitch for every Major League Baseball (MLB) game. Her family has been working with researchers all over the world the last few years to find her a baseball-pitching prosthetic, and Dawson tested a number of prototypes before finding the perfect one from scientists at the University of Las Vegas Nevada. Read more at: http://3dprint.com/181040/3d-printed...ll-prosthetic/