Every educator knows that teaching is more than a full-time job. The hours dedicated to their work go far beyond the traditional 9-5, 40 hours a week framework, to say nothing of the levels of energy the work requires. It's all the more impressive, therefore, that Megan Finesilver does all that she does. In addition to teaching second grade at Challenge to Excellence Charter School, she also finds time to speak about 3D printing, help animals in need, and create curriculum so that as many students as possible can learn about 3D printing. Finesilver is clearly passionate about what she does, and 3D printing is at the center of it all, from her classroom lessons to the prosthetic devices she helps create for disabled animals. We recently had the chance to speak with her about her work for our Spotlight on Educators series. Read the full interview at 3DPrint.com: http://3dprint.com/181092/spotlight-megan-finesilver/