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    Hictop 3DP11/12 EFI Problems

    First EFI Shield was nothing more than a C Channel case top taped in place.
    It worked so created a 3D Printed Case with Aluminum foil duct tape liner for the Shield.

    Sample Shield.jpg

    There are several ways to stop EFI, mine is the simplest. As you could buy twisted pair cabling for your controller connections very expensive.
    You can rerun the LCD display wiring as far away from the Stepper motor cabling as possible, do not run wires above the Stepper motor driver A4988 chips.
    Bring LCD display wiring into the controller card from the closest side of the enclosure.

    Moving the Wires may only be a temporally solution as the Controller is still generating the EFI signals.
    They are still in and around the 3D Printer hovering, waiting to mess up another large Print on one of the Last layers of Print.

    I have just created a video duplicating my EFI problems

    Video one Test without EFI shield.

    Recorded 4 errors with a short 10 minute video in my 1st attempt
    The first error occurs at 1 minute 57 second when the LCD Displays garbage.
    The second error at 4 minutes 20 seconds the filament is ejected in middle of print.
    The third error at 5 minutes 30 seconds when the Nozzle moves to the X-Axis end-stop and returns to continued Printing as if nothing happened.
    And the forth error at 9 minutes 13 second Filament is ejected again and I stopped the video short because missed replacing the filament in time.

    This next video is actually the First Video with the EFI shield in place, You can see at the End where I remove the Shield. Played at super high speed before EFI test. Printed a 2020 Extrusion cover.
    Printed on Vinyl Transfer Paper Medium Tack above a Build Tak surface.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I have made a EFI Shield for Hictop Aluminum Printers download from Tinker-cad below

    Make a trip to your local hardware store and purchase a roll of Aluminum Duct Tape about $4.00.

    1. What is required is to print the Above case or one of your own design.
    2. Cover all areas inside the Printed case Include a least one screw for GND. Making sure you cut out all the holes. Added A fan for cooling purposes.
    3. Attach the Cover to your Controller Card and You are Done.

    EFI Shield.jpg

    4. For added protection covered the MLCD2004 cover also (THIS IS NOT MY DESIGN) It can be downloaded from tinkercad.

    EFI Shield 3.jpg

    If you use anything here please you state where you found.

    EFI - (Electromagnetic interference (EMI), also called radio-frequency interference (RFI) )

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