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    No, using Cura returned a similar result, but much more efficiently sliced.

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    have you tried a different nozzle ?

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    After last night's call with their customer support I was able to get a print I that would say is 96% correct. It involved many corrections, but the biggest corrections came with playing with the extrusion multiplier in Slicr's settings. The extrusion multiplier says it's typical range is from 1.1 - .9, but we're playing with it at .6 and .5. I forgot to grab the cube I printed last night but it is smooth on 5 sides and only a little warping at the X on one side. Temp is down to 205, printing at 30mm/s. Will print result this afternoon

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    so somewhere down the line your machine is being given instructions to extrude around 2x the actual required amount.

    Well at least my diagnosis was spot on :-)

    Sounds daft, but Have you checked the filament diameter is set for 1.75 and not 3 mm ?

    I noticed that when i loaded a standard delta profile in cura it set 3mm filament.

    30mm/s ?
    lol the slowest I've run mine with pla is 75 :-)
    It's a delta - put the pedal to the metal ;-)

    I did go down to 20 for filaflex. But hey, it's not supposed to print it at all !

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    After many fixes with DAVE, the results are improving. The top layer, now, is weak, but I am hoping to fix that. I am also 50% of the way through a more techinically difficult print, as I have my concerns with the solutions provided to achieve these results.

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    Sorry about the delay, this is my busy time of the year and was out of town when a family emergency came up. Haven't had too much time to tinker. After MUCH adjusting I have gotten it to print o.k., it has some issues that I've been back and forth with their CS about. One is that at the end of any print one stepper motor will just ho off in the wrong direction while the other 2 home. They've sent a new board in my absence that I will be installing alongside a new stepper motor.

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    Now that I have a proper moment to follow up on my progress. Thanks to everyone that pu in their knowledge on this. After much tinkering, and measuring, and calibrating, I can get decent results. The initial measurements for several of my parts were off, some significantly, and correcying these in Marlin went a long way towards fixing the previous issue. I also lowered the extrusion multiplier from 1 to .75, you can see the improvements in the filament guides. Small prints seem to work exactly as expected. Larger prints have developed an issue where a layer, or 2, will randomly shift along the x axis, usually in the positive direction, although a couple have shifted to the negative.

    Could this be a slipping belt? I had an issue with that tower, but the belt tension seems ok. I had assumed if it were stepper related the misaligned layers would be consistent, whereas this is nearly random.
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    I'll try that this evening. The odd thing, to me, is that the golden colored filament guide was printed only 15 minutes before the larger print (a child's mask) was started with the same exact settings. Simplify3D - I gave up Slic3r and Repetier.

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