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Thread: fan issues

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    fan issues

    I ordered a turbo fan off of wish and cant get it to work. The fan that cools the extruder is always running so i ulpugged it and pluged in the new fan and nothing happens. I dont know a whole lot about electronics but does it have to do with the volts and amps of the fan?
    p.s the new fan is 24volts and .12 amps
    i also have another aftermarket fan that is 12volts and .09 amps and that one dosnt work either. The one on the printer is 12volts but dosnt say how many amps

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    Hmm. Are the fans you brought 2 or 3 wires ?

    Computer fans usually have 3 wires, positive, negative and speed control.
    I suspect if the thrid wire is not connected the fan probably won't work.
    The two fans (24v) I use on my cooling ducts are just two wire.

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    I've only seen two wire fans used.

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