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    Cellink & Inkredible

    Hi my dear 3D community,

    I am interested in bioprinting, and if you cannot invest 100000$ and more there aren't many options. So I found cellink and their Bioprinter "inkredible" for 5000$ but I am a bit confused about this product.
    In the internet I find, besides a few praising news articles, literaly nothing. There is one series of youtube videos from some students but the rest is all from the company.
    Why aren't there any reviews of this printer, labs/enthusiasts sharing their experience or anything? The printer has been around for over a year, and the company launched two new bioprinters so I guess they are selling at least some of them? But where are all the people using them?

    If you have any suggestions what is going on I'm very much interested.

    Best regards,

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    lol most of the people using something like that are engaged in medical research.
    Not the sort of people to go on forums or youtube.
    I suspect most of the projects are secret and people won't talk about them.

    Hyrel do print heads that can do bioprinting and will talk to you about it as well :-)

    Or just contact davo on this forum.

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    Thanks, CA.

    Soia, I replied to your PM a week ago, and have had no response since. I've given you my email, but I have no way to contact you other than this forum. Please let me know how I can help.

    See for some of the biological stuff we've done.

    At you will find testimonials about and published research papers citing our equipment.
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    Why are we starting a new thread on the same topic by the same OP, especially since there were many questions left unaswered? thread merge candidate IMO.

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    @curious aardvark yeah, thanks for the input, I reckoned that at least some medical researchers would share their experiences, and search for help on forums like this. But maybe in few month all the research papers using these printers will come out
    @Marm I thought that I kinda closed the last thread, but I see now that I never posted my last response, very sorry. But even so, I do not think that this question here belongs to the other thread, it may be pertinent but it's a diffrent conversation.

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