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    Good 3d gears file


    I already tried to make some gears at Google Sketchup and it's not a good smooth match when they touch each other. I took a look at thingverse and couldnt find a good set of gears.

    So I ask you: is there anywhere at google where I can find a good set of gears with 5 teeth, 10 teeth... or any number of teeth by in a variety?

    I dont want "fancy" gears, simple gears that have a good and smooth match is what I am looking for. Any recommendation?

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    Recently a guy put the entire Lego Technic gear collection in 3D:

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    yeap good to know, but do they print well and can be used with a good match and a small load on the gears? I dont think so, ABS will not be too strong for those small teeth. I ended up doing my own gear with the tooth almost 3 times the one of the lego and it works fine.

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    I took a look at thingverse and couldnt find a good set of gears.
    You weren't looking very hard then.
    For gears you need openscad and one of the MANY customisable gear .scad scripts

    There are a bunch of customisable files that use the thingiverse built in customiser.

    Go have another look.

    Or make your own with openscad. It's one of the easier things to script.

    But saying there are no good gears on thingiverse is just contrary to the facts :-)

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    I think that GearDXF is good program for creating gears but I think that it won't create ring gears needed for planetary gear sets.

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    There's a Sketchup plugin I use on occasion for gears, I've never had an issue with it. Think it's called Involute gear.

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