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    Make printer taller

    For the sake of explaining this simply, albeit crudely, here goes....

    I have a makerbot basis printer, plywood frame.

    Assume I were to cut the entire thing in half horizontally and add material to make it taller, thereby increasing the build height. I would also have to extend wires and add longer rods and screw to allow higher travel.

    Would this work? If not, what are the complications?

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    As long as the system can figure out where the ends are, it should work fine. You might have to make a bunch of changes in the controller board code to tell it where the new stops are, and other such things. But in theory it should work.

    But the real issue is getting it dead square/straight, and keeping it rigid. As you extend the axis', it will want to flex more.

    A simpler solution would be to design your object to be printed in parts and glued together. In my experience, the taller a print is, the more likely it will delaminate, other issues could occur too. You will probably end up with a stronger object if it is modular rather than one long piece.

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