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    Question xyz da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3-in-1 - Beginner


    im just a 3d printer beginner, this is my first 3d printer, but im been running over some issues. im able to finish some prints, but other prints get stuck in the process, i was able to do a auto-calibration test from the printer and it showed it was perfect, then i decide to check online and i was able to find this guide, but still im getting the same issues.

    but still im having some issue. (photo)


    any idea?

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    Your print is rising up from the print bed, and getting caught on the heated extruder.

    Use glue stick.

    Also, as you're new, stick around and pay attention to the print as it's happening. Check in on it every 5 minutes or so. Once you get comfortable with the process of printing, then you can run these unobserved. But prints like that should be less than an hour or so, so you should be able to keep an eye on it.

    Those XYZ cartridges are expensive, don't want to waste any

    And just for S&G's, once you've leveled the bed and the auto calibration comes back good. Run it again. See how much variance there actually is in that program. That's why I double check using a dial indicator.

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