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    Making 3D Model Printable

    I remixed a model off Thingiverse, but can't quite get the design right so it is printable. I am using DesignSpark Mechanical.

    Any help getting this model ready for print wold be greatly appreciated.

    Filament Holder.stl

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    I had a look at it, There are some big problems with it. none of the parts are fully connected, Id say just remodel it in DS.
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    Ah okay, pretty new to 3D modeling, but I will have another go at it. Thanks!

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    have a look at the videos on youtube about Designspark. You'll learn tons. it took maybe 2 minutes to re model the filament holder

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    I will check them out as I'm sure it would be helpful. I didn't realize you remodeled it. Is that what the attachment is?

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    Yeah I did, remodel it
    Im bored lol.

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    Lol well thanks. I am trying to remodel it myself, but running into issues again. I noticed on the one you remodeled it didn't have the cone shape in the bottoms of the holes. Would you mind sharing the DesignSpark file if you can? I can make the cones no problem. Just running into issues on the other, although it's better than it was.

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    It appears you can't upload RSDOC files, but here is a link to the one I have created. No idea how to get rid of the extra lines.

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    I dont have designspark. I use Spaceclaim, it will let me import almost every design file but .rsdoc's . If you can post a .stp file that works better for me.
    also watch spaceclaim videos they still are helpful

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    Oh okay gotcha. I think I figured everything out. Thanks very much for the help though. I will look into Spaceclaim and the videos of it and Designspark. Here is the STL file though of the finished project.

    Filament Holder.stl

    Tried to Export to STP, but was unable to.

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