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    Making a decision on a automation program for STEM and makers

    Please help to fill in a short questionnaire as the below: onlRRg/viewform

    My school wants to develop a automation program recently, so they want to obtain some information from some experts like you guys to make a conclusion, Thanks a lot

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    Really nice project and good questions in the questionnaire. Doing it right know.

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    I would love to see an update about this. There are many things that should be taken into consideration when deciding to do something like that. For example, if we are talking about robotic process automation services or anything else related to automation, research is your number one tool. Any kind of problem has been most likely solved out and you will be able to find many answers on the internet. Then, it's crucial to buy your equipment from a trustable company, since there are many scammers that are going to try selling you something cheap and breakable.
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    The questionnaire was interesting, and I even enjoyed while answering it.
    For me, automatization is a major purpose. If you've ever run a producing line, you understand what I am talking about.
    When the concurrence is exceptionally high, it is crucial to be aware of automation's importance.
    At the moment, the most reliable method for ensuring a consistent component flow for production machinery is by using vibratory bowl feeders.
    If you want to read more about this method, check the following link:

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