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    How often does one have to level the bed? Does it retain the calibration after a power cycle?

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    It does not normally retain the auto bed level information after a power cycle. Even if it did, any bump or bash to the printer might muck things up. Better to level it each time. If your print is going to take a couple days, why worry about a minute or two ..


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    Hi, I've had my P12 up and running (mostly) for a week or so now. Steep learning curve but I kind of revel in that sort of thing. I'm a bit late to this thread so some of this is for people who come later.

    Anyway, a few things from this thread:

    • cura - no Z offset but you can set it in the "pre" G-code. Not sure the details but I found it in a forum somewhere. That's one of the reasons I decided to stop focusing on Cura. By the way slic3r 1.2.9 stable is really quite good. I'm using it now and while it's not a pretty as Cura, it works quite well.
    • bed leveling - I do it every day. Makes a difference. I will also do if I've been fussing with the machine.
    • lumpy bed - I posit that an average piece of glass will be fine. I've had 2 pieces (don't ask me why that was necessary) from ACE hardware. They both were within .3 mm of flat based on manual bed leveling and I have had zero bed adhesion issues. Garnier Fructis #5 is epic stuff! Note that I spent a lot of time getting the bed heater bolts/springs at a very precise level. Once that is done, everything else is easy.
    • upgrading the printer - I know this won't do augerpro any good but I highly recommend assembling the basic stock printer. Get it working and tuned up. You will learn a lot and be able to print your own parts.

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    So Still not printing. Have the upgraded rods and now bought simplify3d. been through the whole machine numerous times. Still problems with the printing, can make cone or cube that is about it. Had a neighbor make me cooling fan to see if that would help, which is another issue it always is on. I cant even run fan with the any of the slicers. Im going to try and follow simplify3d bed level technique. Overall just frustrated right now and not to impressed with the quality of the prints.Just don't now what to try from here.

    1st I guess is how to control part cooling fan
    2nd i guess is setting help with the slicer
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