Please Help!

We just got a Flash Forge Creator Pro.

I set it all up and ran the "Traffic Cone" Print that came on the SD card with the printer.
This print is a dual head print.

When I printed it it came out with the two heads printing about .140" from each other in the x-axis (See linked photo).

I then used the Calibration code from ReplicatorG to print out the calibration lines and they were dead on (the 7th lines were matched the best).

I then thought that perhaps some punk at the factory put this offset program on the card just to mess with people.
So I downloaded the tiger frog print from thingiverse and used ReplicatorG's dual head merge method to splice the files.
I ran it partially and it was off.

Then I thought to myself "Perhaps the lines were calibrated one whole line off".
So I re-ran the calibration print. It was still correct.

Any ideas how the printer can be calibrated and run fine on the calibration prints but .140" off on other dual head prints?

Please help!

Thank you,