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    Will you two get a room.

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    Are you paying for it?

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    There's still quite a selection of deltas.. but I find delta's more unattractive than the simple xyz (cartesian?) printers as they have a weird build volume. It's harder or impossible to print bigger objects with the same price range.

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    I think the deal with them is, especially looking at Amazon, the actual machine construction is way easier, since there are so many priced around the $350 US mark that have fairly decent print yield sizing. That being said, since the general construction has been so obviously nailed down well, I'm thinking it's up to the engineers to make it something interesting. Think of it like this "we know they're out there, but we made it better by (fill in the blank).
    I like what I'm seeing about the SeemeCNC machines, I think they have the right idea, but I've been seriously following Alex's designs here but that's because it looks like flat out 3d Printing Porn to me.
    Now, I have yet to own a delta, but I do want one, even though my budget prohibits a new, even cheap printer right now.

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    Well, Reprap closed down happened for a starters, so there went the Fisher Delta (thank god I bought 3...) and the kossel kits dried up, blomker stopped and cheap cheap ones flooded the market (FlSun $225 for example) But I don't get it really, I have found them so easy to build, they are strong and don't require much maintenance other than the odd belt tighten.. motors all run at the same voltage and are easy to setup.. compared to a prusa that has dual Z motors, threaded rods you have to get the steps right for etc.. they are really a breeze.

    I've always gotten the best quality prints out of my delta's, so yeah I really don't know.. i'll just stick with mine
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