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    Selling mUVe 3d printer, $700

    20161004_204226_resized.jpg20161004_204234_resized.jpg20161004_204249_resized.jpg20161004_204300_resized.jpg20161004_204322_resized.jpgHello guys,
    Selling off my mUVe 3d DLP maker printer.
    The Printer does not come with Flex Vat just the standard glass vat. Also there is no projector as I am keeping it for Home theatre. LOL.
    This is an open source machine so you can customize it or leave as is but I would recommend a flex Vat which you can purchase it at and can also view the printer specs as will.
    Will post pix shortly or PM me for pix. Asking price is $700 as you can see an unbuilt kit is $1000. If you have any questions please lmk.

    Happy printing!
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    don't you need the projector to actually print anything ?

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    The Pro version requires a projector I think. I am not sure why though.
    It sounds interesting.
    Is yours the Pro or Pro+??
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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    don't you need the projector to actually print anything ?
    Yes, and you have to buy a 1080p projector to make it work. This was a kit when I bought it from mUVe3d and just don't use it anymore but would like to keep the projector for home theater.

    Photo added. Sorry for late posting of photos.
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    Bought it about a yr ago so back then it was just a Kit on there site. Upgrade a few things on it except for the flex vat and the tablet holder up top. Not sure what else have been upgraded or change since I've last visited the site but please do your research before commenting but printer is in working orders and its an open source so do as many changes/upgrades as you wish so your print quality is perfect!
    Happy printing!!

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    How long was it in use?

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