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    Cool Buy & Sell 3D Printers @ , Get Great Deals & Offers ! focuses on providing online platform for buying and selling 3D Printers & related products for people all across the globe and help bring people ideas and concept to reality . Be it a students , engineers,makers or professionals from industries we have range of products to cater your needs or message us we will help you to select what's best suits your needs .

    You can connect with us on our
    Facebook Page and Google+ to get new products and offers available .We have worldwide shipping to most of the countries for all products but in case you don't find your location available you can contact our online chat support team or contact us we will help you to get shipping arranged .

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    We provides you with best deals and better prices because product directly comes to you from manufacturer or a reputed distributor of that product

    - You get amazing choices of product to suit your needs . If you are a Professional, Maker, Designer, Hobbyist etc we have right products for you !

    Shipping location flexibility -
    3dprinterkart also provides you with solutions for shipping at different location . When you buy any item from our website during checkout you get option to get it billed to you and delivered to another location. See How to buy page for more info.

    We will keep give you updates for great deals & new products on this thread.

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    Get 2 in 1 3D Printer+Laser Engraver @ 3dprinterkart

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    DIY 3D Printer For Just $245 and with latest upgrades features @

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    I would recommend all the newbies out there who are new in the field of 3D printing that if you want to own a 3D pen, I think you should first use the easy-to-use ones, rather than spending your money on the hard-to-use ones as wasting money. If you want to know about the best easy-to-use 3D pens, here is the detailed guide if you want

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    Buy Anycubic i3 Mega Desktop 3D Printer with exclusively designed Trigorilla Mainboard large Printing Area 210X210X205mm . CLICK on image to read more about it:

    Anycubic i3 Mega has recently launched the newest desktop 3D Printer , I3 Mega . The printer has all metal build body which makes it very sturdy and reliable compared to other acrylic or aluminium frame DIY 3D Printers . Anycubic printers are known for some of their added features even in DIY like Touch screen, Smart leveling, Power failure resume and filament run out detection, Light weight extruder designs enables printer to print at higher speeds upto 150mm/s, ABS , PLA, Flexible, HIPS, Wood, Copper filled, Drylin Tribo, Nylon etc .

    Comes in two pieces that can be assembled fast and not need to do wiring . At price of DIY you get assembled print.

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    WANHAO D6 3D Printer a Clone Of ZORTAX M200 Buy at one third PRICE $664 approximately.

    wanhao 6 is a 3d printer with print area 200x200x180mm , Full metal body , enclosed frame best for printing in ABS filament.Its enclosed frame maintains temperature across entire model to avoid the risk of warp and crack over model. It has Latest extruder nozzle Mk11, Double locking Z axis screw, LCD display with navigational Dial can be pushed and dialed.

    The Printer is Highly reliable, efficient, precise, high resolution, high dimensional accuracy . Wide variety of raw material is compatible with it. It is a plug and Play 3D Printer. This printer meets your desired expectation. It can shape your Concepts and Design in to plastic 3D Model.

    Who can use this 3D Printer ?
    Architecture, 3d modelers, 3D Artists, 3D Designers, CAD Designers, Research and Development , Pattern makers, Jewelry industry,

    In the Box you get 3D Printer , FIRMWARE,Sample filament, Tool Kit and SD Card.

    The seller provides FIRMWARE openly that gives freedom to play around with it to the Buyer. Till now no Seller have given firmware for Completely assembled proven 3D Printer. Wanhao is the first company to do so.

    WANHAO 6 have extra benefits over Zortax Like it is Compatible with different Slicr like CURA, Simplify 3D ,etc whereas Zortax is compatible with its own closed source SLICER "Z-Suite" only. READ HERE more about its SPECIFICATION & COMPARISON.

    To learn more on Comparison visit this SITEand Discuss it here. You may also ask more QUESTIONS HERE

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    Wanhao D7 is the latest 3D Printer Launching Soon In 2017

    Wanhao is one of the most well know 3D Printer manufacturer in 3D Printing fraternity .Wanaho has wide range of FDM Printers which is known for their qualtiy , support and budget friendly . After their massive success in FDM 3D Printers Wanhao will be now entering the DLP market with Wanhao Duplicator 7 or D7. This will be Wanhao's first latest launch in 2017
    Wanhao D7 expected specification are as follows :
    Max Printing Speed: 30mm/hr
    Max Build Area: 120x70x200mm
    Material: 405nm UV Resin
    Finest Resolution: 35 Microns

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    AnyCubic i3 Mega V/S Wanhao i3
    Here is a short differentiation between Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus v/s Anycubic I3 Mega Buy here.

    After looking at price range and design we think the Anycubic I3 directly tries to compete with the Wanhao Duplicator I3 Plus.Wanhao have advantage of its brand recognition , Seller & forum support and wide sales network . On other hand Anycubic is also growing company trying to attract buyers with low price and added features product. To know more details and check out pricesClick here

    For more in dept detail about Latest Anycubic I3 Mega check out this page

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