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    affordable LCD powered SLA 3D printer - high resolution at a fraction of the cost

    Always wanted to get an SLA 3d printer but been put off by the costs?

    Well now, thanks to Photocentric and their development of the Liquid crystal LCD based SLA 3D printer you can 3D print high resolution prints at a fraction of the cost.

    Photocentric have won the IDTechEX 2016 award for “Best Development in 3D printing” for their new sla 3D printing technology that can use readily available LCD technology to cure their Daylight Photopolymer resins. This has enabled them to produce a SLA / DLP 3D printer with lower cost components and pass that cost saving on to their users.

    So why not take a look and see what the Liquid Crystal 10" has to offer

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    So given the build volume is 20x10x20cm - 7.9x3.95x7.9 inches
    Why is it called the 10 incher ?

    That's actually a pretty large volume for an sla machine, so seems strange for the name to give the impression it can print even larger.

    Or am i missing something ?

    So how do you get the resin from the bottle to the machine without it seeing any daylight. and how do you get what's left in the vat back into the bottle without also exposing it to daylight ?

    Other than that, which presumably has been solved - looks like a decent bit of kit. Resin also cheaper than most of the uv stuff I've seen.

    (reads manual) nope you just pour it back and forth with a sieve.
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