Up for sale is 1 used MakerBot Replicator 2X. It has been carefully used and well taken care of. It is fully functional as I have made a couple prints while i'm writing this just to confirm it's still 100% ready to go for you! I'm selling it because i've used it for a couple years now and I just don't use it nearly as much as I did in the past. Need room, and would like to have the cash to pay off other things.

Working Makerbot Replicator 2X + ABS Enclosed Hood
MANY accessories, custom aftermarket parts, spare Makerbot parts, and many other items you'll need for this great machine.

PM me for details or if your interested as i'll be happy to answer any questions and work out a deal. Shipping will probably be around $80 (estimated) as it's nearly 40-50lbs with the complete bot and extras! I can remove the belts off each servo to prepare for shipping if you'd like as well.


Installed Aftermarket parts:
-($220) Custom Dual Extrusion Filament Drive Assemblies (works 10X better than the plastic Makerbot parts)
All Aluminium Australian made
-($60) Aluminium Bed support brackets (shown in red on the sides of the bed)
-($-) Printed Y-Stop bumper (shown in green). Required with the Aluminium bed support brackets to prevent bed hitting Y-Limit

-($60) Custom Printed Filament Extruder Upgrade Kit Delrin + all hardware
-($20) Printed SLA heat sleeves (2 of them) I never really used these because they are somewhat brittle
-($25) 5X Extruder Guide Tubes

Makerbot Compatiable or Interchangable:
-($50) 2 Extruder hot ends + nozzles(no heater cartridges)
-($10) Replacement cooling fan (purchased from Makerbot)
-($50) 2X Heater mounting blocks (meant for dual extrusion), solid Aluminum
-($-) Original Extruder Carriage (plastic)
-($-) Original Filament Drive assemblies (mounts on servos), plastic original
-($30) 3X Makerbot Drive gears (you will use these)
-($-) Strips of thermal insulation (fiberglass)

-($30) 10X Kapton Tape Sheets
-($20) 4X Kapton Tape Sheets Aftermarket
-($20) Kapton Rolled Sheets Aftermarket
-($30) Painters Tape Pre-cut sheets!

-($65) <1Kg PVA (Water Soluable Plastic) I used very little of this so it's yours for experimenting with dual extrusion
-($-) ~1/2Kg of Makerbot Red ABS
-($-) ~1/4Kg of Slate Gray ABS