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    Valentine Day Gift

    I know must of us here are pretty big nerds but some of us did manage to marry up.... or marry period . Here is a Valentine Day gift I printed early this week for my wife. Let me know what you think in the comments. I've been making quite a few timelapse videos. Do people like these?

    -Garage Science

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    Damn, that looks good! I'm sure the wife appreciated it

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    She loved it, she wants to get synthetic flowers so it can be left out as a display all the time.

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    I love it, you done well my friend! Although I have to take offense, I'm not a Nerd, I'm a Geek... #indenial

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    Never considered myself a nerd. Others disagree. Either way, my wife's hottie

    On topic: while she likes the items I've printed for her the rule is for Christmas, anniversary, birthday and valentine's money must be spent.

    Still the vase is cool. What printer was that?

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    I concur with the whole, wife doesn't want 3d printed stuff as gifts. That's why the vase was merely a piece of a much bigger pie haha. My wife knows I'm nerdy so she doesn't mind too much .

    I backed the Draken DLP printer from 3DFacture in January last year. I got the printer in September and have been printing stuff like crazy since then. I've already gone through a liter of Fun to Do resin. This last print was done in Maker Juice because I ran out of FTD. They're a good company, very understanding that they have a first generation product with various little issues and they make sure we as the first owners have good quality printers.

    -Garage Science
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    Great ideas! Will consider printing them as a gift for my wife.

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    So out of my own curiosity, how many other people 3D printed stuff for their wife/girlfriend/romantic interest for Valentine's day?

    -Garage Science

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    Glad that your wife loved it! It was a nice work indeed and I would also love to gift something like that. What I gifted my wife was a simple solitaire with unique claws from a diamond jewelry store called Phera Diamonds and she loved it and it was obviously a sweet surprise for her.

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    I did 3d printed gift for my gf:

    3D printed vase. Real flowers.

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